You ride through the streets with your head held up high
For your flag and your country you're willing to die
Your forefathers fought and your forefathers died
They died for a feeling they felt deep inside

White rider, white rider, your strength is your pride
White rider, white rider, you'll stand, never hide
White rider, white rider, your flag is your voice
You scorn the conscripted, you're fighting through choice

Your flags are unfolded, salute them with love
To fight for your race is a gift from above
Some fools will oppose you, true men will stay loyal
But the victory shall be ours for the blood and the soil

You feel love for your people, disdain for the fools
The enemy's led by the Zionist's tools
You fight for your race which shall be proud and free
And the only reward that you crave is victory


We see it on the streets today, we see it on the news
The so-called British law machine, and it's us who pay the dues
The we read it in the papers that the black man gets it tough
But we all know that this is wrong, and we have had enough

Where has justice gone, where does it hide?
Where has justice gone, or is it just another lie?

If there's mugging on the streets today, or riots in the town
And we get told by a blinkered lord, discrimination brought it 'round
He says they've got no money, he says they've got no jobs
Well neither have we, and we don't see that it gives them the right to rob

It seems we stand convicted, accused of being White
It seems that we are criminals, for we're not scared to fight
There'll be no surrender, to all our people's foes
We'll fight until the victory, we'll find the way to go


I want to tell you about South Africa, and the so-called fight for freedom
The much praised black resistance, and the communists who lead them
Not too far away in Angola, or nearer home in Zimbabwe
The Marxist backed dictators are looking south in fear to see

Strikeforce, white survival
Strikeforce, yeah
Strikeforce, kill all rivals
Strikeforce, into the devil's lair

Well her neighbouring regimes are enemies, although we're too blind to see
That they're harboring the Marxist murderers of the terrorist ANC
And the leaders of the West use sanctions, and scream "What about the human rights?"
But they don't tell the truth, 'cos they're traitors too
What about the Whites that die?


You're standing in a cell, looking through the bars
Looking at the open fields, so near and yet so far
Wondering about your friends out there, and what they're doing now
And wishing you could be with them today

Behind the bars, behind the bars
Behind the bars, because you stood for you race

They'll try and break your spirit, they'll try to grind you down
If you stand up for your country they don't want you around
You wonder what you're doing here, and is it all worthwhile
They'll never crush the pride that's in your heart

They'll try and make you angry, they'll make new rules for you
Because you are what they fear, for your ideals stay true
Your faith it will sustain you, as you stand firm and proud
You'll never let them tear your country down


The flags are raised in glory, before the battle starts
Time is getting tighter, the pride it fills their hearts
As they march towards the battlefield, the enemy ahead
The final fight is almost here, it's either life or death

Pride of a nation, freedom's salvation
Pride of a nation, they kept the flames alight

A uniform of midnight, with silver on their necks
Their honor was their loyalty, to join their Eastern trek
They fought against such massive odds, earning glory in the fields
But history tries to put them down, for their loyalty won't yield

When the end had finally come, and the odds were just too great
Their pride remained, the courage stayed, for all was not too late
The fire can be rekindled, the flames can fill the skies
Like a phoenix from the ashes, the new dawn will arise


The cattle are lowing, the vultures are crowing
The traitors are celebrating, they think they've won the game
They can stop their clowning, 'cos soon they'll be frowning
They think that they have beaten us, but we will not be tamed

New nation free and true, I pledge my life to you
Now the situation is so tense
New nation free and true, I pledge my life to you
If you fall we'll fall in your defense

The cowards are running, the pressure is coming down
And people who were on our side, now turn and look away
State money is never short, they use the people that they have bought
They may buy some traitors, but we will have our day

They might think that they have won, but one day our time will come
They'll regret their treason, revenge will taste so sweet
When our people come around, all the red flags will be torn down
No longer will the money men look down from power's seats


He sat in a room, in a square the color of blood
He'd rule the whole world, if there was a way that he could
He'd sit and he'd stare at the minarets on top of the towers
For he was the beast, as he hatched his new plans to gain power

As the snow fell, covering the dreams and ideals
As the snow fell, freezing the blood and the wheels
As the snow fell, they had to keep warm for survival
As the snow fell, and defeated the beast's only rivals

They took the old roads, that Napoleon had taken before
They fought as the forces of light against the darkness in a holy war
One day they were looking out in the sunshine on the cornflowers
The next day they were freezing to death in the snow and the ice cold showers

Then came the deadly road back on the steppes of their retreat
The cold racked their bodies, but worse was the pain of defeat
And people who had hailed them once now turned and looked away
These people now knew that the beast was on his way

You finally came back to the borders of your Fatherland
Now enemies came, traitors everywhere at hand
Many people had fought and died, knowing that they had to win
And still it sickens my heart to see the picture of the Red flag in Berlin


I can see the glint of belief shining in your eyes
I know you won't turn back, from the future as it lies
You feel the anger, direct it at the people all around
For it seems that they are asleep, it seems their hands are bound

I can see the fire and I know that it won't die
I can see the flames are burning deep inside your eyes

You're walking 'round, it seems as if you're in another land
It seems the people function with their heads deep in the sand
You start to shout, you start to scream, but the sleepers slumber on
Then you awake, open your eyes, but the nightmare hasn't gone

It seems that life is going to be uphill all the way
But you won't yield, it's no surrender until your dying day
For your ideals mean more to you than very life itself
For the pride you feel is all you need, it's more than any wealth


We see corruption at all levels, we know the end is not in sight
Our government is dealing with devil, they've set out to sell out all Whites

There's thunder in the cities, there's thunder in the towns
There's thunder in the villages, as the walls come tumbling down

We see our nation is declining, but people who are Nationalists are few
Too many people are just whining in the wind, but from small acorns mighty oaks grew

One day their evil will crumble, one day corruption will crash down
Before our flags they will be humbled, from our mouths will come the victory song


Out of the smoke, our blood stained battalions fly
We charge at the enemy, no one unwilling to die
Our banners are flying, our sabers all point to the sun
Our pride is our race, and our enemies scatter and run

We're fighting for freedom, our destiny hangs by a thread
We're fighting for freedom, the flag of our race at our head
We're fighting for freedom, the land of our fathers at stake
We're fighting for freedom, the blood of our ancestors sake

Our enemies ranks are a mixture of colors and hues
We are as one, and as such, we never will lose
We fight for our honor, we fight for a future of light
For darkness will fall and engulf us, should we lose the fight

Heed sounds of battle, the screams of the wounded are loud
The warrior stands and he wipes the hot blood from his brow
We knew that the victory is ours, as we gaze at the sight
The flags of our fathers are raised in victorious flight


Fighting in the city it's a matter of life and death
It's as easy as black and white, and you'll fight 'till your last breath
They'll try and tell you that nothing's yours, but you're White men and they are wrong
You are the warriors fighting for the people and you fight 'cos you are strong

And they'll never, never beat the warriors
White warriors, White warriors
And they'll never, never beat the warriors
White warriors, White warriors

If they would bother to take a look around they'd see the writing was on the wall
A lot of young people are waking up and answering the White man's call
If they try to put us down and they don't destroy us we'll get strong
Their constant lies and harassment only helps to make us carry on

When the battle is over and the victory is won
And the White man's lands are owned by true White people,
the traitors will all be gone


The summer was coming, I was out in the field
Then I heard a guitar playing, loud and clear
I saw an old man, he sat by a tree
He said, come and listen to me son, now, come and listen to me
He said, hey boy what does life mean to you?
Does it mean go out, get drunk, drown your blues?
He said, if that's what it means to you,
Well that's a waste of life, and I've got nothing more to say to you

Quit my job and I went out, I bought my first guitar
Then I started to learn that thing
Instead of propping up some bar
Sent a tape, got a contract, made us all so glad
Then they started messing 'round with us
Now life's as bad, just as bad now

Are you trying to mess us up now, trying to make us quit?
If that's what you're trying to do jewboy, you ain't achieving it
Built up, knocked down, knocked down to the ground
Built up, knocked down, knocked down to the ground