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What sets Micetrap Distribution apart from the others? Unbeatable service, prices, customer service, quality and hard to find merchandise are only a few of the answers! We do everything in our power to get ALL orders packaged and mailed out within 24 hours. We use priority and first class air mailing only! If you want quality products with the best service available and at the lowest prices, give us a try today!

Hear what current customers have to say about the service and merchandise they have received:

To whom it may concern: My order number is 2***8, and I had to exchange a shirt that was a "Blue-Eyed Devils" longsleeved shirt in the size 2X. When I opened up the return, to my surprise I found extra stickers and some CDs. I am extremely thankful for them, and the CDs happen to be my favorite. The "Stormtroop 16" is by far my number 1 CD, and people who listen are impressed by the quality of the music. I also passed the stickers on. I look forward to doing business with you again, and hope you pick up more business from the advertisement. This is definitely the place I will be ordering from in the future. -Steve O'C*****l

Hey thank you very much for the stuff I ordered. It shipped fast and with no problems. 5/5! Let me know if you have the Landser shirt, or the Skrewdriver logo shirt in medium, or if you have the white 10 eye laces in stock. Sieg Heil thank you very much!!!! 88

Hello, I got your order a week ago and I tried the stuff on and it is great. Thanks a lot! I like your service, very fast shipping. Let me know if you have the Landser t shirt MEDIUM in stock or the old S16 black t shirt Medium in stock or White 10 eye laces. Thanks, Leon

Thank-you for the patches that you sent along with the 2 cd's, ( Stormtroop 16 & War Butcher). Have a great day and you will be hearing from me soon. T.Gr***n

Hi there i just recieved the tshirts that you sent me and am very pleased with them all and the delivery time was excellent especially to here in the uk so thank you and i will be ordering more in the future. Hail From Northern Ireland, Miguel.

I recieved my order today everything was perfect. Thanks for the free CD (Rising From The Ashes) The shipping was fast for US snail mail. Thanks again I will be a repeat customer!! Steve

Hi Steve, I got the package the other day, I just wanted to say thanks a lot for the Landser CD that you put in there! I hope everything is going well with you all. Caleigh 88

Hey steven, everything has arrived. Many thanks for your efforts and Merry Christmas.

I just wanted to extend praise to your company for the great service you offer the white society . We need more companies like yours to help give our white men and women a swift kick in the ass! Sincerely, T. Bu***es

I revieved my order yesterday. Thank you for the quick response and everything you do. Jon

Just wanted to say that I got my order and thank you. It only took two days to get here. Crazy! I will say this Micetrap Records Inc. does deliver what it promises and much more. I was very happy with my purchases and the fact I was able to find some rather hard to find disc where other sites didn't carry them. Annndd last but not least thank you for the extra goodies they're well recieved and appreciated greatly.

I did not see a button where I could leave positive feedback on your webpage. Would you please add the following positive feedback comment from me: "Thank you, Steve, for sending my CD's out quickly. I received them within five days in excellent condition. The selection of music is outstanding. The service is excellent - you have helped me with ordering issues. I will make sure to recommend Micetrap.net to all of my friends. This is the perfect White Power music site - great selection, great customer service, quick shipping. This is everything that all major record labels are missing. Thanks, and I will definitely order again. chris"

Hi just wanted to say I received Landser Shirt and it is the best! Thanks! Kevin from South Africa

Steve, Once again, I am completely speechless about your outstanding customer service. I ordered these CD's Friday night, and these arrived this morning. I have been long awaiting the Stormtroop 16 new CD. I cannot believe the high excellent level of customer service and how quickly these arrived. I have already referred several people to your website. Please keep up the fantastic service. In the service of our race, Chris.

My package arrived just now! I'm satisfied with good merchandise and your kindness. Thank you very much!

Just recieved my order! very swift service, very very happy with products,just sent for more keep up the good work, Tony uk

Just received my shirt from the post office, much thanks for the music cd and sticker that came with it!!!

1st order recieved, thanks for the fast shipping. great company. mb

I just wanted to thank you for your speedy order turn around.And my order was 100%.And the music is all great! Thanks!!!!

Hi. i did an order for two of your tshirts , i just received them today and i appreciate a lot your present cd inside the order. Thanks again

Just wanted to say Thank You for the great CDs. I appreciate how quickly you have handled all my orders. And there will be many more. :-) Thanks again. Hail 88. Ray S.

Dear Steve, I got my package a couple of days ago. Thanks again! And an extra thank you for the patch, sticker, and Christmas card a few days earlier. :) They were all very much appreciated.

Just receieved my 2nd order & could not be happier! Thank you for the patches, F***ing awesome!! But is the rectangle blood & honor patch no longer available? I really need another 1 of those. Is it just out of stock or out of production? By the way, European Klan patch, 1 of the coolest things I've seen a long time. I fresh cut in 1992 and all the older guys had a bunch of Klan patches. Ahhh, the good old days. If you could just send me a message & let me know, I would really appreciate it. Thanx. RAHOWA,14, Stokey

Hi again Steve. My second order arrived safely and quickly this time. Excellent and must say a massive thanks for the stickers and free album. Unexpected treat! Was wondering if you have any No Remorse or Avalon patches as I can't seem to find any? Regards for now, Rob.

Hey Steve, I want to thank you for that last order, the speed that it got to my door was awesome! Its been the fastest yet and there is more to come! Keep it up, its greatly appreciated!!! Thanks Alot! D.A***n

Damn, you guys have great fast service! Its no wonder you guys are the best distributers of prowhite materials! Thanks! Kyle

Hello , i received my order today ... and just to let you know i also odered from a friends company here in cali and sent the same day and got yours first !! thank you very much for getting here on time and also for the extras you included... my older son didnt have money for a present for him so hes giving him the extra shirt and cd!! you really helped us make his birthday good !!! again thank you ... although ... we didnt get any stickers this time :) ill have to oreder some with our next not so rushed order.... many thank and racial regaurds 88

If there are any problems with my order or you have any questions please call me on my cell phone @ (217)652-**** That is the best way to reach me as I do not check my email very often. I also wanted to say thanx for your outstanding coustomer service, the quality of your products and the efficiency of your site. Not to mention the fast and free shipping. I've found that the most efficient and best sites to order from on the net are those who cater to our community. Of course that is obvious. Thanx again! Ross P***** 14/88

I received your package today and all items are in great condition. Also thanks for the extra great american compilation!

Thank-you so much i received my package today the CRUCIFIED SKIN t-shirt fits great, as we speak i am listening to the SKREWDRIVER (Blitzkrieg 77) record and it's great, the recording is rough but i don't care,this recording is a must for the dedicated SKREWDRIVER fan. Thank-you again and will be ordering something as soon as i can. 88... Terry

Thanks a lot, i've received both CDs in top condition!

Hello, Today i get my CDs. Thank you very very much. Best wishes and regards from Germany - Marc

No inquiry, I just wanted to comment that your streaming radio programming is awesome. Excellent music and a great message. Keep it coming. WP - Charles

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Gosh, you are easy folks to deal with. Wish everyone offered such quick and professional service. Linda F.

Thank you for your fast reliable service. I have bought from you in the past and I will continue to buy from you in the future. MICETRAP DISTRIBUTION is #1. Gus - HAIL BLOOD & HONOUR

Just recieved my order, very swift service, very pleased with my product. Just thought I'd say thanks, will be recommending you to all my friends, and ordering more stuff. Many thanks! Mark

HI, This is Mike C****, I just wanted to say that I am very happy with the products I ordered, and have promptly recieved, I am trying to buy a patch from N**88.com but they are STILL processing my card, it is very slow. So thanks again and I will be ordering again soon. Sincerely, Michael C**** der Zweiten

Steve, many thanks for the cds which I received on wednesday along with the free sampler. Was stuff i couldnt get in the UK over the last couple of years, cheers.

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