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Midtown Bootboys - Unfinished Business


Soldiers in a war we’re gonna win
Open the door so the white man can step in
Find the problem and cut it at the root
Warriors with short cropped hair and boots

Boots and Braces - Skinheads rule the world - Boots and Braces
The Swastika and Old Glory are unfurled - Boots and Braces
The world belongs to the white man, and the left wing scum will fall
The time will come to arm yourself when you hear the battle call

Our fathers fought and died to keep us free
The walls are falling in on you and me
The time’s run out for freedom in this land
We’ve got to take it back with an iron hand


Our leaders fight to keep us from the truth
Poisoning the minds of American youth
Threatened by our presence on the streets
To them the American Way is obsolete



If you’d like to see your country free
Stand up and use your right to speak
We can never let our honor fade away
We must stand and fight and be the brave

We the people, one Nation and under God
Show the people, who’s right and who’s wrong
We the people, we stand our ground
We the people, we are the proud

We like to think we’re the chosen race
Walk our ground with dignity, pride and grace
We have the right to fight for honor
We must join the fight with our Aryan brothers


We the people, we stand for liberty
We must fight for the blood, the right, the dignity
We will always fight to keep our faith
We will always fight for the master race


We must show the Jew who runs this land
Prove it’s red, white and blue and prove it’s grand
Kiss the land, our fathers fought for freedom
We must stand and fight for our kingdom



Do you remember back in 1921?
When all our White brothers had the nigger on the run
Fighting for their city, fighting for their race
Fighting to keep Africans down in their place

Screaming hordes of niggers with anger in their eyes
A mob of drooling coons took the White man by surprise
We chased ‘em back up north
So far we couldn’t see
And took back our city so the White man could be free

Tulsa’s on fire, I refuse to see
The black man taking over, our city should be free
Tulsa’s on fire, it’s happening again
In the next war, your uniform’s your skin

Take a look around-what do you see?
A multi-racial society
The White man is hated everywhere
It doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor

We’ve gotta change our attitudes before we lose control
The slaves that they brought over here are getting pretty bold
Mindless pawns at the hand of the Jew
Equal rights for everyone but you


You can’t even walk the streets of Tulsa anymore
Without getting mugged or propositioned by a whore
The whole fucking city is creeping with the scum
It’s time to take a look around & see what you’ve become

We’ve gotta change our attitudes before we lose control
The slaves that they brought over here are getting pretty bold
Mindless pawns at the hand of the Jew
Equal rights for everyone but you

Chorus (x2)


Americans today should take a stand
Kick AIDS-spreading faggots out of our land
Diseased, dirty, perverted scum
Get them out of my land, they make me sick

Stop the threat of AIDS today
Cripple, maim or kill a gay
We’ve got to take a stand today
We’ve got to wage a war on gays

We don’t take very kindly to the faggots’ evil ways
Molesting kids and selling drugs is typical for gays
One day you will realize if you don’t already know
The U.S.A. is here to stay
The gays have got to go

Chorus (x2)


There’s a clear blue sky on a warm summer’s day
I smile to my wife as we watch our kids play
The gods must be smiling down on us today
Then I open my eyes, I must be dreaming again
I’ve got to stay strong and never give in
But sometimes I feel my resistance is fading away

We’re in here for you
You’re out there for us (x2)

Never give in, it’s never too late
My brothers will be waiting outside the gate
Ya gotta stand strong and proud for a little bit longer
Never forget that we’re in here, for 18 months or 500 years
We’ve haven’t given up on the fight and we’re still getting stronger


I pray for the day when the enemy falls
Our boots will crash through the prison walls
Our brothers will be set free for vengeance on those who have locked them in
Doing hard time and counting the days
The real world seems so far away
Let them know you care till they’re free again



The white man sailed across the sea to find a land of freedom
He bought some slaves to till his fields and reap the crops to feed him
Reconstruction freed the slaves into a shattered nation
The stupid blacks were free at last but dying of starvation

White man won
White man won

The blacks demanded equal rights for what they say was damage
The nigger knows just what he is, a dumb ungrateful savage
The niggers should be thanking us for feeding them with welfare
Wammy slammy, jimmy jammy, honky-catfish-sammich


Put them niggers in our fields and make them pick our cotton
Tie ‘em to a fuckin’ board and beat them till their rotten
Why should white folks have to pay to send them spooks to college?
Let’s kill ‘em all and melt ‘em down and use ‘em for boot polish



Everyday things are the same but one day it will change
The government tells the people lies, we always get the blame

The blood will be running, oi oi oi, until we are free
We won’t stop fighting, oi oi oi, we’ll make them leave

Day by day things don’t look good - we hide in the shadows till night
For land, for life, for freedom, we won’t stop the fight


Commie Jews and white trash scum make our lives real hard
A skinhead died on the cold hard streets so tonight revenge is ours

Chorus (x2)


Wait all week for the weekend
Then we go downtown
Drink a beer or two, look for something to do
and then we start a fight

We’re just white kids
We just wanna have fun
We’re just white kids
We can’t be nice to every one
We’re just white kids, we’re just white kids

May get a little rowdy
Remotely out of control
But we’re the ones who won the fight
and we’ll never give in


Here we stand together
Just me and my friends
Together we will overcome anything that gets in our way

Chorus (x2)


Shine them boots and grab a gun
We’re gonna go out and have some fun
We’re gonna pile up in the pick-up truck tonight
Knives and guns and shotguns shells
Going to the part of town that smells
Bring a rope cuz’ we’re gonna do it right, all right!
Going north of the railroad tracks
Gonna get drunk and thump some blacks
Cuz’ that’s the type of thing we like to do
So if you hear us scream and cuss
You’d best get the hell away from us
Cuz’ if you don’t, we might just thump on you… ya hear?

Call us racists, call us Nazi’s, Call us what you want to
That won’t change a god damn thing
We’re still the Tulsa Skins (x2)

A gang of niggers out to rob
One chewed up by a pitbull dog
The others whomped with black jacks, chains and bats
They rape our women and rob our homes
We want our kinfolk left alone
Let’s put ‘em on a boat and send ‘em back
Let’s drag their bodies through the mud
Let’s paint the walls with nigger blood
I reckon even nigger blood is red
Burn the Northside to the ground
Let’s run them negroes outta town
And fill them savage monkey boys with lead



Tryin’ to pass the time
In the unemployment line
Lost my job last month
and I’m about to lose my mind

Rent was due last Monday
and the landlord’s on my tail
I’m gettin’ tired of saying,
‘Hey! The check is in the mail!’

Just trying to live the Skinhead way
Oi! It’s getting tougher ever day
Life in my own prison doing time
I’ll lose my shirt if I don’t lose my mind

My last few bucks were used
on alcohol and tattoos
Now I’m fucking broke again,
passed out in my own puke

And the punks can’t have no gigs
They blame it on the Skins
It’s true we beat them up but Hey!
We’ll beat them up again!


The police they want me dead
Put a bullet through my head
They say they’re gonna kill me
but they beat me up instead

All Skinheads are brothers
Lets keep it to the right
And back each other up
as we wage our nation’s fight


Oi! Oi!


Cruising down Brookside faster than the law will allow us
We got a case of beer and a fifth of Jim Beam to drown us
Up on the sidewalk what do I see
A fish-eyed nigger staring back at me
I go over the curb and I step on the gas
It’s a blast!!!

I got big steer horns on the front of my car
They try to get away but they don’t get too far
I got crusted blood, in my wiper blades
If the horn’s blowing Dixie, get out of our way
Road Nazis - whoooooaaaaaah
Road Nazis - the Third Reich on wheels
Road Nazis - whoooooaaaaaah
Road Nazis - I like to hear ‘em squeal

Cruising down the alley lookin’ for another victim
Leanin’ out the window with a 2 x 4 to hit ‘em
He was bleeding like hell but that beaner flew
He was screaming and hollering "I did not do!"
We’re outta the car and we’re kicking his ass
It’s a blast!!!

Chorus (x2)


Tonight - Our flags are gonna fly
Tonight - The streets are ours
Tonight - Our enemies will die
Tonight - The streets our ours

Shined up - Laced up - Ready to fight
The streets of Tulsa are ours tonight
Shined up - Laced up - Ready to fight
Skinheads rule in Tulsa tonight

Tonight - The beer is gonna flow
Tonight - The streets our ours
Tonight - The world is gonna know
Tonight - The streets our ours

Chorus (x2)

Tonight it’s Tulsa - Tomorrow the world


The young man lay silent as he stared at the sky
He was bleeding to death
There was a tear in his eye
He said a prayer for his country
And for the green of his land
They would be covered in blood
By his enemies hands

We will remember the choice you made
We will remember the price you paid
We will remember the life you gave
We will remember, we will remember, we will remember

The world was against him
But by his race he stood strong
Because his land had awakened
They called him evil and wrong
His flag of his fathers
He would protect with his life
He clutched it with all his strength
And then the proud soldier died


They killed you at Stalingrad
But your spirit lives on
You’re alive in the skinhead
Like you - we are strong
The world is against us
But the fight will stay true
Your example will guide us
As we battle the fucking Jew



Walking down the street with the sun in my face
Dirt on my boots, ain’t ate in two days
Feeling kind of down, don’t know what to do
I look out for myself I don’t need help from you

I wasn’t born fortunate
Don’t have no resources
I wasn’t born fortunate
Just a working-class White kid

Don’t need a lot of money to have a little fun
Don’t need no ones advice on how to run my life
I avoid pressure whenever I can
Don’t follow fashion, I know who I am


Turn on the TV. and the views that I see
conflict with those of the world around me
We’re the ones that keep America strong
We decide what’s right and what’s wrong

Chorus (x2)


America has fallen to the level of other nations
The only thing that can save us now is mass extermination
They sneak across our borders in their filthy stinking mobs
Turn our neighborhoods into ghettos, eat our pets and steal our jobs

Get out of my land
Get out while you can
Get out of my land
Get out while you can
Get out now!

They’re flocking by the thousands
From their shitty foreign lands
Into the open arms of our Jewish Uncle Sam
I guess it’s hard to blame them, they’re just doing what they know
Raping, rapping, robbing, selling dope and stealing stereos



We fight the fight of the loyal
We are the beginning and the end
Forever strong for the blood and the soil
For the race we’ve vowed to defend

We are the youth
We are the future (x2)
We are the freedom of tomorrow
We are the youth of today
We are the freedom of tomorrow
We are the future

We fight in the streets of the cities
We’ll fight ’till victory is ours
For the scum of this land we have no pity
Death to traitors, weaklings and cowards

Chorus (x2)


Life is a never ending struggle to succeed
You must work hard for good to come your way
We forge a path to greatness, and profit by our deeds
Persistence leads us to another day

And the road’s been paved for us
with the blood and with the tears
of countless generations from the past
And though it may seem hopeless,
we’ve got to carry on!

We must fulfill our destiny, there ain’t no looking back

We’re on the road to victory
We’ve traveled for so long
We’re on the road to victory
We’ve got to travel on

The roadside is littered with the bones of the weak
In this world only strong can survive
In soul and mind you will find what you need
Fire, stamina, endurance, and the drive

And the road’s been paved for us
with the blood and with the tears
of countless generations from the past
And though it may seem hopeless,
we’ve got to carry on!

We must fulfill our destiny, there ain’t no looking back

Chorus (x2)

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